Kunshan Jixinbo Automation Co., Ltd


Kunshan Jixinbo Automation Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of high-precision die-cutting machine and high-precision hydraulic press, microcomputer cutting machine, high-precision cutting machine, slicer, sprocket rewinding machine, laminating machine (laminating machine) and other mechanical equipment enterprises. Products are widely used in shielding materials (such as sound insulation, noise reduction, heat insulation), adhesive materials, insulating materials, conductive materials, electronic materials, photoelectric industry and other laminating, slitter, die-cutting and cutting processing. Machining products such as: car side cover plate, instrument panel molding, anodized adhesive tape, adhesive tape, mobile phone/computer/TV protective film, all kinds of rubber gaskets, gaskets, car window stickers, aircraft window stickers, electric thermal film and so on. Processed materials such as felt, fabric, metal foil, plastic film (BOPP/PP/PVC/PET, etc.), rubber materials, foam, foam, sponge and other soft materials.